The One-Page Plan

The resources below will help you understand and create a client’s one-page plan.

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Learn how to generate a One-Page Plan report on the advisor web portal.

1: Introducing the One-Page Plan

Reese and Carl introduce the One-Page Plan and the effect it can have on client relationships

2: Drafting the Statement of Financial Purpose

Carl Richards works through the foundational process of drafting the statement of financial purpose on the One-Page Plan

3: Clarifying Goals

Carl Richards discusses how to clarify goals from a client’s statement of financial purpose and how it fits into the One-Page Plan

4: Identifying Next Steps

Carl Richards explains how to identify next steps and how they flow naturally out of clearly defined goals

5: Understanding Net Worth

Reese Harper helps us understand how to factor in a client’s net worth into the One-Page Plan

6: Using The Elements Scores

Reese Harper shows how to incorporate the Elements scorecard into client discussions