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The videos below 👇 will help you get to know the technology powering Elements. We recommend you watch all of these before you meet with a member of our team.

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Learn how to set up your advisor account including how to create your account, access the system on your mobile device and how to add firm branding.

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Learn how to create clients, how different client categories work, and how to invite clients to the app.

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Learn what the client sees when they are invited to Elements and what they must do to connect with their advisor

Guide: Easy Invite Links

This guide will show you how the easy invite links feature works

Easy Invite Links Guide

Click the button below to access the guide on how to use the easy invites link feature.
Click Here

*Easy Invite Links

Easy invite links help you quickly capture prospects (or clients) in Elements using a white labeled and customized lead capture form. This page shows you how that works

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Learn how to navigate a client profile on the advisor web platform including how to add new data, edit existing data, and how to produce certain reports

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Learn how to navigate a client profile on a mobile device including how to add data, edit existing data and generally what the client experience is like

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Learn how account linking through Plaid works on the mobile app

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Learn how to generate a One-Page Plan report on the advisor web portal.

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Learn how to access the Insights beta feature and how it works with clients.

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Learn what happens during the quarterly progress reporting process. This will apply to all active clients.

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Learn what prompts active clients will receive each quarter on their mobile device.