Reese is Interviewed by Michael Kitces

Michael Kitces interviews Reese Harper, CFP® about the Elements Financial Planning System™ and the technology he has used to help scale his niche, fee-only financial planning firm.

Episode Title: Building A Premium Financial Planning Experience To Sustain A Premium Advisory Fee, with Reese Harper

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What You’ll Learn In This Podcast Episode

  • About Dentist Advisors And What The Business Looks Like Today
  • How Reese Uses Technology Tools and His Own “Elements Planning” Process To Service His “Entreprofessional” Clientele
  • The Systematized Series Of Twelve Monthly Deliverables That Dentists Advisors Provides For All Of Its Clients
  • The Combination Of Salesforce And Conga That His Firm Uses
  • How His Firm Justifies Its Fees
  • How Reese Has Used A Podcast To Grow His Business
  • The Challenges Of Growing A Firm Quickly
  • Why Reese Sold A Portion Of His Firm To Outside Investors
  • What Surprised Reese The Most About Building His Advisory Business
  • How Reese Defines Success For Himself

Listen to the episode

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