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The Art & Science of Financial Advice

Join Reese Harper and Carl Richards each week as they discuss how to master the emotional (art) and functional (science) of financial planning.

You’ll learn how monitoring ongoing financial vitals, diagnosing issues, and prescribing creative solutions leads to increased client trust, meaningful conversations, and practice growth.

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Marry Emotional With Technical

Identifying the jobs that need to be done is the first step in delivering a service that prospective clients want. Just remember, a job is never solely about function, each job has powerful emotional dimensions. That’s why it’s essential for … Continued

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  • Business development

    Get Off the Sales Cycle Roller Coaster With Mark LeBlanc

    Running an advisory business can feel a lot like riding a roller coaster. At first, you’re in high gear trying to get some traction in the market. Eventually, you reach a tipping point. Then suddenly you find yourself going full … Continued

  • Streamline the Planning Process With Frictionless Technology

    FinTech can dramatically streamline the process of onboarding new clients and serving existing ones. It can shrink the wait time between first contact and delivery of actionable advice. It can even enable richer client interactions. But it won’t do any … Continued

  • resource to refer

    Be the Resource Clients Want to Refer With Dan Allison

    Referral marketing works, as old school financial services firms have proven. Even when your solution is less than compelling. Even when it’s the only arrow in your quiver. Even when “the ask” causes clients to squirm. But the holistic advice … Continued

  • Purposeful Marketing Paves the Way

    Purposeful Marketing Paves the Way

    Lifestyle business? Boutique firm? Category killer? Whatever type of advisory practice you’re aiming to grow, you need a cohesive marketing plan. Unfortunately, it’s easy to underestimate the time, skills, and budget required to make that happen. Plus, marketing tasks tend … Continued

  • staying nimble

    Staying Nimble in a Changing World With TJ Dunker

    Shifting consumer demand, fintech breakthroughs, hyper-efficient new competitors… the game changers are coming fast and furious to the financial services industry. What are the implications for your value proposition, your client base, your fee structure, and everything else that makes … Continued

  • Say it with style

    Say It With Style (and Purpose) With Katherine Eitel Belt

    Are you really communicating with clients, team members, and colleagues? Or are you just talking them through MoneyGuidePro graphs, Asana diagrams, and sleek Powerpoints? These tools are a great help in illustrating a complicated concept. But when it comes to … Continued

  • evidence for evidence based

    The Evidence for Evidence-Based Investing With Apollo Lupescu

    Of course you want to focus on what adds the most value for clients. And with robo advisors serving up in nanoseconds what used to take days, it’s obvious managing portfolios is no longer the way to do that. Instead, … Continued

  • investment don'ts

    7 Investment Don’ts Your Clients Need to Hear

    A recent study from Vanguard showed that behavioral coaching from an advisor can add as much as 2% in net returns for an investor.* While coaching is a continuous process, it is often defined by critical moments in the client’s … Continued

  • Stend out from the Advisor Crowd

    Stand Out From the Advisor Crowd With Alana Kohl

    We live in a world where consumers increasingly prefer craft IPA to Bud Light, artisanal sourdough to Wonder bread, and fresh-ground almond butter to Skippy. That same hunger for customized choices is spilling over into the world of financial advice. … Continued

  • Unleash Advisors With a Shared Resource Strategy

    The same attributes of client-focused planning that make it worth fighting for—transparent, comprehensive, aligned—also make it challenging to deliver. When fees have nowhere to hide, the sales cycle can take longer; when planning is process-driven, the costs of staffing and … Continued

  • Pricing Problem you can't ignore

    The Pricing Problem You Can’t Ignore With Matthew Jackson

    The fee model question has been bubbling its way to the surface of advisor conversations and is quickly turning to a boil. How long can your prices be justified by your value proposition before clients start to wonder if you’re … Continued

  • Why Your Stance on Liquidity Needs to be More Fluid

    It might not be the Dave Ramsey approach to building wealth, but some of your clients may need to pump the brakes on debt reduction. Access to liquidity is more important for some than others, which means general rules of … Continued