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The Art & Science of Financial Advice

Join Reese Harper and Carl Richards each week as they discuss how to master the emotional (art) and functional (science) of financial planning.

You’ll learn how monitoring ongoing financial vitals, diagnosing issues, and prescribing creative solutions leads to increased client trust, meaningful conversations, and practice growth.

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Marry Emotional With Technical

Identifying the jobs that need to be done is the first step in delivering a service that prospective clients want. Just remember, a job is never solely about function, each job has powerful emotional dimensions. That’s why it’s essential for … Continued

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  • Defining and selecting your niche

    Defining and Selecting Your Niche With Patrick Brewer

    Before you rush into a wealth management niche, let’s take a few minutes to explore the domino effect of your decision. Listen as Reese Harper and Patrick Brewer discuss the delicate art of pursuing a defined segment of clients. You’ll … Continued

  • How Advisors Can Solidify Their Value in a Robo Economy

    How will advisors enhance their value proposition in the digital age? The Robo Advisor revolution has exposed advisors who hang their hats on product sales and investment returns, but now the conflicts of interest are just getting cheaper. In healthcare, … Continued

  • A Better Way to Answer Your Clients’ #1 Question

    Does real advice require a Monte Carlo simulation? Or can you get to the heart of your clients’ questions with a simpler explanation of their financial progress? This episode of Elementality offers a straightforward and client-friendly approach to answering the … Continued

  • Making the Move from Broker Dealer to RIA

    A leap from commission-based to fee-only compensation doesn’t come with a safety net. Even if financial advisors see a better way to serve clients, the risk of taking a salary cut is often enough to keep them where they are. … Continued

  • When Is It Time to Hire Professional Management?

    How long will you wear all the hats in your business? When does it make sense to add management overhead to fulfill a larger vision for your firm? You’re part advisor, part entrepreneur. More clients create more stability, but they … Continued

  • Real Financial Planning Starts With a Real Process

    Advisors have abused the word “planning” for decades. While the product-focused part of our industry delivers smoke and mirrors, how will you define financial planning for your clients? There’s no universal standard for financial planning, which means you’ll have to … Continued

  • Where Your Ego Ends and the Business Begins

    You’ve developed the kind of financial planning expertise that goes beyond portfolio management and insurance products. You’re delivering meaningful advice to your clients, and in return, you’re getting a consistent flow of referrals. But as the demands on your time … Continued

  • Welcome to Elementality! Stop Selling and Start Advising

    Portfolio management is becoming a commodity. So how will you set yourself apart and add value? What is your niche? What is your planning process? And how will you deliver better advice to more people? Come join the conversation with … Continued