Monitor Ongoing Client Progress

Physicians Thrive

Physicians Thrive is an RIA that offers many services for physicians. In addition to financial planning and wealth management these services include contract review for new residents, disability insurance, and more. Across the two primary financial advisors, Dave Swan and Michaela Speer, the firm serves about 200 wealth management clients.

Having worked with physicians for many years, advisors at physicians thrive saw a major gap in how they monitored progress and showed clients how they were making improvements in their financial life. The need for a concise, simple, and easy to produce view of a clients progress was a top priority.

We felt like we did a pretty good job onboarding people and that we did a pretty good job developing or delivering an initial plan or guide for advice. But we didn't really have any way to actually make sure that we were making improvements for that client. Like there was no solid foundation for monitoring.

How They Use Elements.

Advisors at Physicians Thrive use Elements as the primary and first-step tool for comprehensive financial planning clients, serving as a central hub for client engagement and data management. In addition, the firm uses Elements to onboard clients, collect data, and keep financial information up-to-date, enabling proactive and tailored financial advice.

The following show ways that the advisors use Elements with their clients:

Encourage Clients by Highlighting Progress.

Using Elements’ progress reporting feature, Physicians Thrive increase client optimism and add value to ongoing relationships by tracking the progress of clients over time.

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Proactively Identify Client Opportunities.

Using Elements’ client snapshot feature, Physicians Thrive can quickly identify threats and opportunities that may affect their clients’ outcomes.

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Kickstart The Planning Process.

Using Elements’ client-led onboarding feature, advisors at Physicians Thrive is able to demonstrate the value of ongoing advice to clients from day one. Learn how they use Elements in conjunction with traditional planning software…

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Build Trust, Fast.

Reduce the time it takes to build trust with prospects and clients, so you can accelerate your business growth and keep clients happy.

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