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Rob Moore

In 2020, Rob Moore launched Everman Prosperity as a way to serve clients the right way. As an Army veteran, he have felt the life fulfilling purpose serving others can provide. With Everman, he is able to combine these passions; personal finance and serving others first.

Rob quickly found that he had to turn certain people away from his services – it takes a lot of time and resources to give financial advice!

But with Elements, Rob is able to open his services to profitable serve younger clients that normally would not be able to afford his services.

In fact, he estimates that he’ll be able to serve younger clients in half the time it takes to service his traditional clients (from about 24 hrs/yr to 12 hrs/yr). This has enabled him to reduce his service costs for some clients by 30% without reducing the quality of services.

For younger clients the future is cloudy. Elements allows me to serve younger clients who don't have long-term goals yet. It allows me to focus on creating flexibility for clients today and better habits over time. With Elements, clients have a vector toward financial balance and health.

Build Trust, Fast.

Reduce the time it takes to build trust with prospects and clients, so you can accelerate your business growth and keep clients happy.

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