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Get Off the Sales Cycle Roller Coaster with Mark LeBlanc

Running an advisory business can feel a lot like riding a roller coaster. At first, you’re in high gear trying to get some traction in the market. Eventually, you reach a tipping point. Then suddenly you find yourself going full bore servicing an influx of new clients. When the joyride stops, you’re right back where you started, facing another uphill climb.

It’s downright exhausting. And it’s not so great for the bottom line either. But there’s a better way, and today on the Elementality podcast, business development coach Mark LeBlanc joins Reese Harper to discuss it.

They talk about why advisors get caught up in this roller coaster dynamic, and what it takes to break free of it. That includes essential business development activities, the importance of tracking monthly targets and trend lines, and the unexpected impact of your compensation structure.

Finally, Mark shares the 3 keys needed to pull off the transition to this alternative model. Even if you’re a big fan of roller coasters, you’re sure to appreciate the smoother, more predictable business performance it delivers.

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