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Being More Mindful About Today

Anchoring your clients to the present is an important part of advising, but is often overlooked when using traditional tools. As a client engagement tool, the Elements Financial Monitoring System helps your clients concentrate on what they can control today. The result is clients worry less because they are focused on the single next action to take—on their next best money decision. Elements provides a way for you to anchor your clients to the present, to give them a sense of control, and to help them understand where they stand right now in relation to their money.

When too much emphasis is placed on future forecasts, clients can tend to live in the future, creating anxiety and doubt. It’s been said that, “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” This sentiment captures the peace that comes from being mindful about today, and that peace of mind also carries over to people’s finances as well. When a person is anchored in the present, they can make better decisions, they can manage their stress better, and they can become more intentional about their future.

That doesn’t mean advisors should guide their clients to ignore the future. Forecasting has its place; but looking towards the future will always bring uncertainty. With Elements you can still look to the future, while also bringing financial planning into the present as well. And your clients will gain confidence as you help them stress less about tomorrow, and stay more anchored to today.

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