The Relationship Between Values and Money

As people continued to pursue peace of mind through good financial guidance, the plan-in-a-binder approach failed to deliver real change to their behavior. Despite its detailed projections, people remained confused about what gives them greater purpose in life and how money fits in their search for happiness. The result has been that even those who have made it big are still unhappy, a clear indication that the financial-plan-in-a-binder method doesn’t work.

Today many people remain confused about what gives them a purpose and meaning in life. They assume more money, a new job, or a new relationship will make them happy. And they are disappointed when it doesn’t. The relationship between values, money, and happiness is something they are continually trying to figure out. That’s why an advisor’s role in helping clients connect values, purpose, and finances together is pivotal.

Taking this purpose-driven approach is a differentiator in a world where financial planning can feel commoditized. It requires a skilled advisor who can have intimate, values-driven discussions with their clients. And to really understand their relationship with money, discovering how values fit with finances is imperative. It’s up to an advisor to uncover the core values that really matter and show clients how their finances can give those values purpose. When the client sees that financial planning is helping them achieve their goals and live a life aligned with their purpose, they are more likely to adhere to a plan. And from that point, making financial decisions that bring greater fulfillment begins.

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