Creating Value Through Assessments

To truly understand your financial situation, it is essential that you know your present financial position. Knowing where you stand financially is crucial when charting a path for the future which starts by identifying the proverbial “you are here” on your financial roadmap. This can prove to be a difficult task and for many people it is the number one reason they seek out financial advice. And that’s why determining the financial status for a potential client is when advisors can begin to showcase the value of their guidance.

Today fewer prospects opt for in-person consultations, which used to be the best way for an advisor to demonstrate their value. Now prospects are more likely to choose digital meetings the first time they meet with an advisor, making it increasingly challenging to prove one’s worth. In those remote settings, and to show their advisory skills, what advisors need is a tool that quickly highlights the value they can provide.

Utilizing Elements for remote assessments serves as both a way to validate your value and can also serve as an effective conversion tool. By employing Elements for assessments, an advisor can quickly identify the necessary steps a prospect must take to realize their financial goals. When incorporating assessments in remote meetings an advisor is able to engage with more people while encouraging them to schedule a consultation for a follow-up appointment. Using Elements for quick assessments allows prospects to gain a better understanding of their financial situation while also highlighting the value being provided by the advisor.

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