Elements in Action with Ben Stewart of Stewart Wealth Management

Are you curious about how financial advisors are using Elements both with their clients and to grow their RIAs? Ben Stewart of Stewart Wealth Management shares some of the specific benefits he has experienced in growing his firm using Elements over the past year.

For Ben’s clients, Elements helps them see the big picture of financial planning more completely. And they better understand how their diverse assets are interconnected to shape their net worth.

Ben finds Elements to be an invaluable tool for gaining insights into his clients’ financial decisions, particularly regarding the allocation of their liquid assets. This knowledge empowers him to leverage those funds for more favorable returns. Plus, Elements enables Ben to swiftly evaluate and analyze a prospect’s financial status, which allows him to showcase his value immediately when he meets with them.

But there’s even more. Ben claims that for advisors who are proactive using Elements, it enhances their ability to obtain more complete client financial data. And as clients become more familiar with the app, they tend to consistently update their financial information so they can monitor their net worth themselves. In cases where clients are less engaged with the app, Ben’s assistant utilizes that same net worth information to reach out periodically to provide client updates. For Ben, Elements continues to provide a wide number of benefits to his RIA and his advice for others who are interested is, “give it a try.”

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