Getting to the Heart of Planning With Elements

Are you curious about how financial advisors are using Elements both with their clients and to grow their RIAs? Dale Shafer shares his insights on how Elements is used at his firm, Life Moves Wealth Management.

‘How am I doing?’ It’s the question that is most often on the minds of people who seek out a financial advisor. They’re looking for financial clarity and your challenge as an advisor is to help them articulate and define their financial purpose so you can provide the best answer. However, unraveling the essence of their financial purpose can be challenging.

Since Elements aligns itself with the core principles of financial planning, for Dale’s clients, it opens up a vision of how all of the planning ingredients fit together. “As clients get more engaged in the process,” Dale explains, “Elements encourages more in-depth conversations about their money since they can see, touch, feel the planning process.”

Visualizing all of the components that go into planning gives Dale’s clients a better idea about where they stand financially. They become more actively engaged as they better understand all of the factors that go into planning—see all of the components that make up their own financial picture. This newfound perspective fosters a greater understanding of their own financial situation.

Getting clients to understand their own financial purpose can be difficult. But it’s one of the most important aspects of getting them aligned for success. And it’s one of the reasons Elements has become an integral planning tool at Life Moves Wealth Management.

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