Give Clients a Glimpse at the Big Picture by Abby Morton

As a financial advisor, I’ve learned that the words “holistic” and “comprehensive” are thrown around a lot. Sometimes it seems like they’ve been overused and abused to the point where they’re meaningless. That’s why I’ve found over time that most clients don’t really understand what those terms mean.

However, I think it’s crucial to emphasize to prospective clients that planning is all-encompassing. That’s why I always make sure to convey the idea of being holistic in my very first interaction with a client.

One way that I accomplish this is by using the Elements scorecard. The scorecard includes all aspects of financial planning—investments, insurance, spending, savings, taxes, retirement plans, and numerous other ingredients that incorporate all areas of a person’s financial life. By presenting the Elements scorecard early on, I’m able to demonstrate why financial planning is so thorough right from the start. This helps prospective clients better comprehend the terms “holistic” and “comprehensive” and visualize the wide range of financial jobs that I do as an advisor.

For most prospective clients, finances can be overwhelming. They have a hard time understanding the nuances that go into some financial decisions, and the big decisions can be particularly intimidating. The Elements scorecard helps distill complex financial topics down into relatable touch points and sets up teaching moments we can have during the year. Because each Element is a simple division problem and there is no need to factor in assumptions or future projections, *everyone* can understand their finances better. And since Elements breaks finances into bit-sized pieces, clients see more easily see how everything fits together.

The Elements scorecard gives clients a glimpse at the big picture of financial planning in a way they can understand. They’re able to see how I’m monitoring all aspects of their finances, and making sure I’m keeping their financial life in check. This in turn gives them the financial peace of mind they are looking for.

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