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How to Set Your Firm Apart With Liability Planning

When advising clients on how to build their net worth, reducing the cost of their debt is an essential part of the equation. A Morningstar survey showed 83% of clients want liability planning, but only 5% of advisors offer it. This gap offers a substantial opportunity for firms equipped with advanced debt analytics that can identify significant savings areas and formulate optimized debt management plans for their clients.

Sora Finance has leveraged advanced AI technology to develop a platform that generates detailed debt reports, provides recommendations, and offers seamless loan management—all with a focus on promoting net worth growth. Rohit Argawal, co-founder of Sora, offers this insight about their approach, “When helping clients optimize debt, you’re not just managing their finances, but you’re creating greater net worth growth from the liability side. Our core objective is to empower clients in enhancing their net worth.”

By collating all liabilities in one place, an advisor gains a holistic view of their clients’ financial status. That allows you to uncover hidden savings opportunities, identify high-impact financial moves, and provide your clients with sound liability planning advice that can set you apart. And Sora Finance integrates seamlessly with leading lenders, presenting competitive loan offers right at your fingertips. You can manage loan execution within their platform, streamlining the lending process and saving your clients’ both time and money.

Want to move your advisory firm up to the next level? Promote client net worth growth by offering liability planning services.

Want to learn more? Check out this Elementality episode, to find out more about Sora Finance.

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