The Need to Get More Personal About Money

When does “real” financial planning occur? It happens in conversations where observations and thoughts are shared between an advisor and their client. It happens at that moment of insight and discovery, when an inspired client makes their best financial decision. And when it happens, you know you’re succeeding as an advisor.

So how do you create discussions with clients so that real financial planning takes place?

Traditional tools are mostly designed for presentations. Unfortunately, these tools can get in the way of the kind of conversation where advisors show they are genuinely interested in their clients’ well-being. But now there is a new tool that moves advisors beyond traditional planning methods. Rather than just presenting clients with charts and graphs of financial data, the Elements scorecard allows advisors to center conversations around values and purpose. The scorecard provides advisors with a set of standard vital signs for assessing client holistic financial health. With a glance, you can quickly know the right questions that will uncover a client’s priorities for their family, community, and own personal development. The Elements scorecard encourages a deeper dive during early planning discussions.

People are often hesitant to talk about their money and putting together a comprehensive financial plan can seem overwhelming. The Elements scorecard gives advisors a framework which facilitates more personal discussions about money matters. It encourages the client to align their deepest desires and aspirations with their finances. And that’s what advisors are really looking for, deeper conversations not more extensive presentations.

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