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Leveraging Instagram for Prospecting Success

Prospecting in today’s digital world still demands a personal touch. Cold calling is no longer a primary approach; instead, social media provides a way for you to reach out to prospects and target customers. And it does it with seamless connections right at your fingertips. But the question remains, which social platform is best? Here’s why opting for Instagram as your social prospecting platform might be the right move for you.

Technology has rapidly integrated itself into our daily lives and among the array of social platforms, Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular channels. That is especially true among mobile users. Instagram has transcended being a mere photo-sharing platform as it has consistently experienced higher user growth compared to its counterparts.

At its core, Instagram is a visual medium, a multimedia storyteller. Users enjoy spending time browsing through posts, feeds, and stories on Instagram. And the result is, it has become a primary source for users to discover new products they want to purchase. For marketers, that means that by leveraging the power of photos and videos, Instagram can authentically showcase a brand’s personality to an audience excited to see it.

Over half of Instagram users express greater interest in brands after encountering them on Instagram. Top brands on Instagram boast an impressive rate of engagement with Instagram Stories enjoying an impressive 86% completion rate. That positions Instagram as the leader in engagement rate among all social media platforms.

For advertisers, Instagram proves to be a potent tool for elevating brand awareness and fostering increased customer engagement. It serves not only as a platform for showcasing your brand, but also as a dynamic channel for meaningful connections with the followers you’re targeting to become your clients.

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