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The One Page Plan Is Here 🙌

When we spoke with advisors about what a One Page Plan meant to them, we consistently heard words like “simplicity”, “summary”, “quick”, “easy”, “actionable”.

A lot of these words are actually how we want advice to feel to clients. They are emotions we want clients to experience in their interactions with us. So we find ourselves in a constant quest to make these emotions a reality.

That’s why we built the One Page Plan.

It exists to make the complex feel simple. To make the disorienting feel clarifying. To make the daunting feel relieving. And to make great outcomes more achievable.

One Page Plan

What is it?

The One Page Plan is rooted in simplicity. Its goal is to communicate an action plan in a way that a client can understand in hopes of improving adherence and outcomes. Consider it a client’s roadmap that was built to be “fluid, flexible, and unfixed” (as our CTO David Weiss likes to say).

The One Page Plan recognizes that clients don’t read or need 30 pages to receive value. Done well, a one page plan dramatically improves client comprehension by “distilling the larger plan as a whole into the parts that clients actually care about, that they pay attention to… and that they have the bandwidth to absorb in the meeting itself.1

The plan is a pdf report you can generate from the advisor web app for any prospect or client. With the new branding settings, you can even theme the report to your firm’s primary brand color so it looks uniquely like a product of your service offering.

Building the plan is as simple and elegant as the design itself. It contains three standard sections: Statement of Financial Purpose, Goals, and Next Steps – which are simple text fields that can be quickly modified from either the client detail page or right in line with the report builder.

And it also contains three optional sections: Net Worth History, Basic Income & Spending, and the Elements Scorecard.

All of the plan data is then housed in the new client sidebar so you can easily keep the most important info about your client highly accessible and top of mind.

Why do I want it?

😍 Your New “Easy Button”
The One Page Plan is easy for you to create and maintain, and easy for clients to read and understand. In a world with ever-changing plans, it creates an obvious home base for your client interactions. You’ll be shocked at the power of a page and some words.

🎵 If I Could Turn Take Back Time
As with many features we build, we just want you to get your time back to focus on what matters. You have permission to set aside the Google Docs and Google Sheets. What are you going to do with all of the extra time?

💎 Look Like $1M
Whether its for clients or prospects, the One Page Plan strengthens your brand value and perception through modern design, themeable colors, and maximum simplicity.

How do I access it?

This is currently only available on web, not mobile. You can access it by clicking the three-dot menu at the top of the client sidebar.

Find One Page Plan


Reach us anytime at support@getelements.com.

Jeremy Walter. CFP®. “The One-Page Financial Plan: Focusing Advice On What Matters Most” Kitces.com, https://www.kitces.com/blog/one-page-financial-plan-deliverable-opfp-jeremy-walter-carl-richards/. 07/12/2022

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