Reese Tackles the Importance of Client Experience on the Model FA Podcast

What does the next generation of financial advice look like? How about the client experience? What makes up a client experience, and do you have one? You’re about to find out. Reese sits down with Patrick Brewer and Eric Lee of The Model FA Podcast to discuss the importance of standing for something, understanding your clients—and giving them (and yourself) the best possible process for creating a strong, trusted relationship, and financial planning partnership.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why having a specialty, consistent process, and a defined client experience is so vital to your success
  • The importance of creating and executing your own marketing strategy
  • How to make the intangible nature of financial planning more “tangible” and valuable to your clients
  • The importance of meeting clients where they are—on their mobile devices
  • How an established process can help ease clients into your practice without overwhelming them and set you both up for success with way less friction
  • How to securely gather up-front information in minutes, rather than hours or months of onboarding
  • How the right system means never having to ask your clients for the same information twice
  • The functional vs. emotional vs. social aspects of your role (Hint: it’s more emotional than you think)
  • How to prioritize those essential emotional aspects of your job that clients want and need, and minimize functional jobs like paperwork
  • The importance of maintaining communication and connection, both synchronously and asynchronously
  • The kind of support and reinforcement your clients want and need from you to feel like they’re doing okay (and the kind of support and reinforcement YOU need to be able to do that successfully)
  • Why you’re not in danger of being replaced by software any time soon
  • How the Elements Financial Planning System can give you prescribed steps to delivering value to your clients in a scalable way—and give you more capacity to do your job even better

Listen to the podcast episode

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