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The Advantages of Breakfast Meetings for Prospecting

In this digital age of email, smartphones, and social media, it’s easy for an advisor to overlook the power that can come from directly connecting with people. While marketing experts champion the idea of prospecting events, for some the thought of organizing one can seem almost as traumatic as the fear that the turnout will be lackluster—will anyone actually come? However, if you are eager to try your hand at a prospecting event, the good news is there are numerous reasons why it should be held at breakfast.

Hosting a morning event offers these two very distinct advantages: 1) people are more likely to RSVP since breakfast doesn’t interfere as much with their daily routine—and they are also more likely to attend; 2) research shows that attendees have greater alertness and increased productivity in the morning. Make no mistake, these are significant benefits that will add to the meeting’s success. But there are also other reasons to consider a breakfast meeting:

• Breakfast meetings are more budget-friendly
• Breakfast food can increase energy instead of reducing it
• Morning meetings are less hectic
• A good breakfast is a memorable way to begin the day

Breakfast events can be highly effective, especially when they feature a motivational speaker or influential expert. Local CPAs or estate attorneys often make good guests. But think outside the box for presentations on personal finances that will create interest—savings, debt management, spending habits, insurance insights, qualified retirement plans, etc. The key to a successful breakfast meeting lies in understanding the needs of your prospective clients and what will excite them to want to attend, plus what will provide them with value (and shows yours).

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