The Hidden Gem for Cost-Effective Conversions

Most marketers prioritize driving conversions above all else. Whether it be through leads, sales, memberships, or a metric specific to your business strategy, the ultimate objective for marketers is to transform potential customers into paying customers.

There is a perception in popular culture today that social media reigns supreme as the ultimate marketing solution, while email is seen as outdated. And who can blame people for believing this narrative given the incredible popularity and reach of social media. But when it comes to return on your marketing investment, the winner is clear.

According to Carl Richards, best known for his decade-long New York Times “Sketch Guy” column, “Email is often overlooked and underestimated, but I believe it stands as the most persuasive yet underutilized tool in the advisor’s arsenal. When someone shares their email address, what they are doing is giving you permission to engage in meaningful conversations.”

Although social media may appear to be omnipresent, it is through email that messaging makes a truly personal connection. Unlike social networks where status updates are sent to all followers irrespective of their location or interests, email facilitates individualized communications. It provides you with the opportunity to deliver highly targeted and relevant messages fostering the development of meaningful relationships.

Email is also cost-effective and continues to offer the highest return on investment among all marketing channels. When it comes to conversions, no other channel can rival the power of email.

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