Insights Are Now Available in Beta

Last month, we made our newest beta feature available in your Elements web portal: Client Insights & Actions.

So far, we’ve seen over 100 emails sent directly to clients through this feature, and have heard some really exciting client stories as a result (for example, prompting a client reply that created an opportunity for an advisor to save the relationship)!

What is it?

Insights & Actions is an advisor-driven client engagement tool that combines notifications, analysis, and communication in a single screen.

Insights List

We use a rules-based engine to look at all of your clients’ data and proactively surface insights about them to you. These could be:

  • Score assessments (“your client’s Debt Rate is low”)
  • Data completeness (“your client is missing key data to calculate an Elements score”)
  • Data maintenance (“a significant amount of your clients’ data has decayed”)
  • Relationship builders (“have you discussed your client’s preferences for liquidity?”)
Insights Detail

Each Insight contains a “what does this mean” to help you learn. And we pair that with a pre-written suggested client email you can send straight from Elements.

The email can be edited on the spot, and you can attach an Elements report as well. Each email sent from Elements includes your email in bcc for compliance purposes. Any client replies thereafter will go straight to your email (outside of Elements).

Client Email

How do I access?

This is only available on web, not mobile. You can access it by clicking the light bulb icon.

Insights Icon

Why do I want it?

Time Saver – with pre-written emails and report attachments, you’ll find yourself able to deliver value much faster. The first draft is always the hardest, and we’ve taken care of that for you!

Level up Elements IQ – each insight contains an analysis of what the data means and what you should consider as a result. It pairs learning about the Elements, monitoring your clients, and delivering value all in one place.

Systematic Value Delivery – Insights is designed to surface great opportunities for meaningful client engagement on an ongoing basis. It’s ultimately meant to help you drive more ongoing value that your clients can see and feel with more efficiency.

What does "Beta" mean?

Capabilities are currently limited – we’re only generating debt and liquidity-related insights at the moment. We plan to continue adding more insights and functionality, and will communicate that with you when we do.

That said, you should still be able to find at least one high value engagement opportunity, and we encourage you to do so!


Reach us anytime at support@getelements.com.

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