XYPN Radio Interviews Reese About Serving a Niche

We’re excited to welcome XYPN member Reese Harper to the show today. Reese is the founder of Dentist Advisors, a virtual firm based in Salt Lake City, UT., focused on serving (you guessed it) dentists. After experiencing 2008 and his first year of running his firm, he decided to go all-in and focus exclusively on dentists—and this is at a time when having a niche wasn’t the cool thing to do.

As the firm grew, he saw the need to provide more ongoing monitoring of clients’ financial situations and started building some highly-functional spreadsheets to provide value to his clients. Then he shared a few of those spreadsheets with other advisors to get their feedback and input and has now built out a tech company named Elements to provide all advisors with the ability to monitor and provide proactive recommendations to their clients.

  1. Reese’s background and his journey of launching during the Great Recession (00:03:27)
  2. How he was able to generate six figures in his first year (00:09:51)
  3. What makes Dentist Advisors a boutique firm (00:13:22)
  4. Why Reese didn’t stop growing and building (00:14:32)
  5. Why the dentist niche (00:19:58)
  6. What heuristics and statistics Dentist Advisors use when talking to clients (00:27:13)
  7. Building tech at scale and what Elements is (00:43:07)
  8. The mindset shift of building tech rather than an RIA and the choice to make it available to the marketplace (00:57:40)

Listen to the episode here:

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