7 Investment Don’ts Your Clients Need to Hear

A recent study from Vanguard showed that behavioral coaching from an advisor can add as much as 2% in net returns for an investor.* While coaching is a continuous process, it is often defined by critical moments in the client’s journey. A sound investment philosophy can either support or detract from a holistic planning experience, and of course an advisor’s ability to reinforce that philosophy plays a major role in long term success. In this episode of Elementality, Reese brings back Matt Mulcock, CFP® to highlight seven of the most common coaching moments related to investment behavior. These are the usual suspects of client questions, concerns, and objections paired with recommended responses to help your clients block out all the noise and stay pointed in the right direction.

* “Putting A Value on Your Value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha,” September 2016

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