How Advisors Can Solidify Their Value in a Robo Economy

How will advisors enhance their value proposition in the digital age? The Robo Advisor revolution has exposed advisors who hang their hats on product sales and investment returns, but now the conflicts of interest are just getting cheaper.

In healthcare, the roles of humans and technology are front and center. Machines do X-rays and MRIs, and then doctors prescribe treatments. The approach to financial health should be no different—gather data, perform analysis, make decisions, and take action—and leverage the respective strengths of advisors and technology. But most financial planning software was never developed with the client/advisor relationship in mind, which makes real planning labor-intensive.

In this episode of Elementality, David Weiss, Chief Technology Officer of Elements®, joins Reese Harper to talk about the insights and philosophies driving the development of the Elements® app. You’ll hear about the concept of microinteractions, and how the proper delineation of responsibilities between advisors and technology can reduce overhead and enhance the client experience.

Show Notes


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