When Work Comes Home

Making It Work When Work Comes Home With Barb Harper

As a result of new technologies, product marketers began overusing phrases like “paradigm shift.” Now we’re seeing what a real paradigm shift looks like as COVID has caused an upheaval whose effects are changing cultures across the globe.

With 2020 finally coming to a close, how can advisors absorb this “new normal” and be ready for whatever comes next? How does working from home play into the equation? What does it mean for personal relationships? How do you manage a team from a distance? With home as your office, can you ever actually relax?

On this Season 1 ending episode of Elementality, Reese sits down with his wife Barb to address some of these vexing questions. Reese and Barb share personal stories and strategies, as well as work-from-home findings, statistics, and recommendations from illuminating new research. That includes a Microsoft study done for the Harvard Business Review Big Idea Series, as well as ideas from other prominent researchers.

Of course, no one has all the answers yet, but this episode is sure to provide some good insight into how to tackle this sudden and dramatic “we’re all in this together” shift.

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