Purposeful Marketing Paves the Way

Purposeful Marketing Paves the Way

Lifestyle business? Boutique firm? Category killer? Whatever type of advisory practice you’re aiming to grow, you need a cohesive marketing plan.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to underestimate the time, skills, and budget required to make that happen. Plus, marketing tasks tend to get bumped off the To-Do list by the more urgent, day-to-day matters that busy advisors face.

Our guest on this episode of Elementality is Jeff Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer, and architect of the system that fueled Dentist Advisors’ rapid growth. Today, he joins Reese Harper to discuss how to design and implement a streamlined, well-thought-out marketing strategy.

Reese and Jeff talk about the benefits of niche marketing vs. the direct sales approach traditionally used in financial services. They reveal the marketing programs that drove Dentist Advisors’ transition to niche player, and the core competencies required to staff them. Finally, they explore the pros and cons of outsourcing vs. doing things in-house. It’s a wide-ranging discussion sure to leave you better prepared for whatever marketing challenges you come up against.

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