Stend out from the Advisor Crowd

Stand Out From the Advisor Crowd With Alana Kohl

We live in a world where consumers increasingly prefer craft IPA to Bud Light, artisanal sourdough to Wonder bread, and fresh-ground almond butter to Skippy. That same hunger for customized choices is spilling over into the world of financial advice.

But many advisors are still offering cookie-cutter services that aren’t keeping up with today’s needs. Or maybe they’re delivering premium solutions, but still telling the same old story. Either way, the opportunity cost is high – for the advisor and would-be clients.

In this week’s episode of Elementality, Reese Harper brings in Alana Kohl, founder, and president of AdvisorPR, to talk about marketing communications for financial advisors. They discuss the key components of good marketing, strategies for differentiating yourself in a “me too” market, and all-too-common advisor mistakes. Alana also outlines her four-step process for pulling the pieces together into a cohesive whole.

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