Streamline the Planning Process With Frictionless Technology

FinTech can dramatically streamline the process of onboarding new clients and serving existing ones. It can shrink the wait time between first contact and delivery of actionable advice. It can even enable richer client interactions.

But it won’t do any of that unless you and your clients actually use it.

Today’s guest on Elementality is Todd Reynolds, the User Experience (UX) Designer for the Elements® app. He joins Reese Harper for a behind-the-scenes peek into the art and science going into creating a user experience that advisors and clients will love to use. He shares his experiences getting up to speed with everything that goes into financial planning, distilling that into concepts clients can understand, and turning it into a frictionless solution.

It’s this careful attention to design that permits Elements® users — you and your clients — to efficiently gather, organize, and analyze your clients’ data, so you can more effectively help them complete their functional and emotional financial jobs.

Show Notes


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