Financial Conversations at Scale

With Reese Harper & Carl Richards

Traditionally, financial advisors couldn’t profitably serve the majority of Americans because their tech and service models were built specifically for the top 1%.

Join Reese and Carl as they discuss how you can start helping the forgotten 99% make smart financial decisions–while still running a healthy business.

In this free webinar...

We'll explore how to :

  • Reduce the cost of acquiring new clients
  • Serve more clients in way less time
  • Analyze your clients’ situations at a glance
  • Identify red flags across your client roster in one view
  • Efficiently collect and maintain client info

Who Should Attend?

  • Financial advisors
  • RIA leadership

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Zoom Webinar
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
2:00 – 3:00 PM MDT

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Webinar Presenters

Reese Harper

Reese Harper, CFP®

Reese Harper is the creator of the Elements Financial Planning System™ and Founder/CEO at Elements. 

As a financial advisor and 20-year veteran of the financial planning industry, Reese is dedicated to creating the processes and tools advisors need to deliver a consistent, ongoing, and meaningful planning experience to their clients at scale.

Carl Richards

Carl Richards, CFP®

Carl Richards is the creator of the Sketch Guy column, appearing weekly in The New York Times since 2010.

Carl has written two books and his work has been featured on Marketplace Money,, and Forbes.comIn addition, Carl has become a frequent keynote speaker at financial planning conferences and visual learning events around the world.

Elements Financial Monitoring System

A Strong Advisor Needs A Strong Process

Elements gives you the tools you need to quickly:
  1. Measure clients’ holistic financial health
  2. Diagnose their financial gaps and opportunities
  3. Prescribe actionable solutions
  4. Grow and efficiently scale your business