Stop Answering Client Questions with ”It Depends”

Presented by Carl Richards & Abby Morton

Join us to learn about a new Elements program that allows you to help people who don’t meet your ideal client profile.

You'll Learn How To:

  • Optimize your firm’s profitability by editing your client roster
  • Say “no” without burning bridges
  • Reconnect with clients who become “right fit” in the future
  • Create a truly passive income stream by monetizing unqualified leads

Who Should Attend?

  • Growth-minded financial advisors
  • Planning firm leaders

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Zoom Webinar
Tuesday, November 14th
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM MST

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Webinar Presenters

Matt Glazer

Matt Glazer leads Product Management at Elements, focusing on developing financial tools that resonate with both advisors and clients.

His background uniquely bridges finance and software, ensuring products are practical and user-centric.

Matt prioritizes clear, accessible solutions over complexity, drawing on his extensive experience in the financial sector.

He approaches his role with a quiet dedication to efficiency and usability, continually seeking to meet genuine needs in the fintech space.

Abby Morton, CFP®

Abby, formerly a financial advisor at Dentist Advisors, now spearheads culture and events programs at Elements.

As a CFP®, Abby offers invaluable insights into the convergence of marketing, sales, and financial advice within a modern financial planning firm – fueling business growth for advisors and achieving optimal results for clients.

At Elements, Abby crafts educational podcasts, webinars, and workshops designed to help advisors consistently expand and elevate their businesses.

Build Trust, Fast.

Reduce the time it takes to build trust with prospects and clients, so you can accelerate your business growth and keep clients happy.

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