Adding Someone Manually (1:1)

Identify prospects or clients whom you want to start introducing Elements to. Follow the below guides on how to add them to Elements. 

The individual will need to accept your invite and create an Elements ID. You can start adding the client’s data on their behalf if you wish or wait for them to enter their data via the client-led onboarding workflow. Data entry will be covered in Lesson 4.

Pro Tip: Feel free to send this video for a reference to help the prospect get started and accept the invitation to join.

Client Segments

You will notice your client tab has different segments described below: 


The Active segment is where all your active clients will be listed. Users can always make edits/add new accounts but this queue signals that they have completed onboarding. One important thing to note about Active clients is that they are no longer eligible for the Client Led Onboarding experience.


Any user that is added via the manual workflow will populate into the Onboarding segment. They will stay in this group until they have completed onboarding. This segment is generally ment for people who are paying you. You will want to mark “Onboarding as Complete” when you are satisfied with the data that has been entered and you are ready to start the tracking and monitoring. This will move them to the Active segment. Clients in Onboarding status will not receive Quarterly Progress Reports.


This segment is for prospective clients. Anyone that creates an account via an Invite Link or is marked “Prospect” when manually added will show up in this group. After someone decides to work with you, you can move them to “Onboarding” by clicking “Convert to Client”. Furthermore, these users will flow through to the client led onboarding workflow when they login for the first time. 


These are all of your outstanding invitations. People in this category can be a prospect, onboarding, or active client. This is where you can resend or cancel invitations. 

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