Introducing Elements: Best Practices

Existing Clients

For existing clients you can introduce Elements in an upcoming meeting that you have scheduled or via phone or email. It’s best to have an introductory conversation with them first instead of just sending out invites at random. If they haven’t heard you talk about Elements they likely won’t know what the link is for and not understand the purpose in filling out their data. 

You can introduce it in something as simple as: “In our upcoming meeting, I’d like to reserve time to introduce you to a new tool that will help us monitor your financial health and guide our decision making around your goals.” 

Pro Tip: Use visual aids to help explain what Elements is. You can incorporate Elements widgets into your website or use a sample report or scorecard as you are introducing it.


Prospects are often going to engage with your easy invite link or take the time to populate data when they understand what THEY can get out of it. This is often when they have a financial question or even financial pain they want solved. 

Keep in mind that the Know, Like and Trust factor has to be present. If this is the first time the prospect is seeing your content, it will likely take some time for them to become familiar with you before they will click on a link and give you financial information. 

With prospects think, “What is in this for them?” and the more you approach Elements from that perspective, the more success you’ll have. 

Here are some sample email templates you can use to communicate Elements to prospects.

Take Action: Identify prospects to start introducing and inviting to Elements. Create an invite link(s) and incorporate it into your prospecting this week. 

Additional questions? Refer to the Knowledge Base.

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