Invite Links (1:Many)

Invite Links are a powerful feature that allow you to invite a multitude of prospects to Elements who can get started immediately. You can create invite links to use in a variety of ways. Each invite link will need a “campaign name.” This is used as a source identifier that allows you to see which link a prospect used to access your firm in Elements. When an individual signs up via an invite link they will flow into the prospect queue and automatically be sent the client-led onboarding workflow. 

To find out what campaign your lead came through, navigate to the any of the client status fields and you’ll see this noted under the “source” column.

Pro Tip: Additional information about Invite links can be found at: Invite Link Guide

Invite Links In Existing Marketing Activities

Include Invite Links in your existing marketing activities. Below are some examples. You can include the link:

  • At the end of a webinar or a podcast
  • At the end of an email campaign as the final CTA encouraging them to take action
  • At the end of an in person presentation “you want more, click here”
  • As weekly post as part of your social media posting
  • Add a QR code to a flyer, business card, or custom marketing material
  • Add a landing page from your website

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