Using Liquid Term (Lt) To Guide Conversations

Factors to Consider when Assessing Liquid Term

While Liquid Term combines both cash and after-tax investments, it’s a good proxy to measure emergency expense preparedness.  For example, a Liquid Term of 0.5 indicates 6 months of expenses covered, and if the underlying mix of that score is mostly cash, then this client might have a good buffer for unexpected expenses.

Additionally, understanding the correlation between the below factors and your client’s Liquid Term will help you determine if the given score is appropriate or not.

  • Career Stage
  • Upcoming Purchase
  • Income Variability
  • Family Size

Questions to guide conversations

  • Should the client increase their liquidity?
  • Does the client have an emergency fund? And how long will it cover? (i.e. 3 – 6 months)
  • Does the client have any upcoming purchases or investments they need liquidity for?
  • If the client wants to aggressively pay down debt, what Lt score should they have before pursuing that?
  • For business owner clients:
    • Should they make use of idle business cash?
    • Do they have enough cash to cover overhead for a couple months?

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