Using Qualified Term (Qt) To Guide Conversations

Factors to Consider when Assessing Qualified Term

Generally, age is the only clear factor that correlates directly with a client’s Qualified Term because as clients age, their retirement accounts will grow from investments and additional savings contributions.

Questions to guide conversations

Consider the following questions for employees and business owners as you identify steps to make improvements:

  • For employees:
    • What retirement plan options are available?
    • Is the client maximizing the employer benefits?
    • Do they have old plans that are “closed” that can be rolled over?
  • For business owners:
    • Considering cash flow, staffing, and savings rate, does the client have the proper retirement plan in place?

What are the client’s liquidity needs?

  • Should they focus their savings on growing liquidity or qualified retirement assets?

Should the client contribute more to retirement accounts to reduce their overall tax liability?

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