Where Does Elements Fit In My Client Interactions?

Elements is a tool that enables quicker, better, and more meaningful conversations around money.

Elements does similar things that traditional financial planning tools do (i.e. gather financial information, present it for analysis, produce cool reports), but we do it in a very unique way by only maintaining current, reality-based information. This information helps your conversations to remain focused on the present. Because the data you are initially gathering is more intentional, you are able to shorten that time to value which ultimately will convert more clients.

Where Does Eements Fit In My Tech Stack?

Elements is a great tool to use in conjunction with traditional planning software. Think of it as a diagnostic tool; the first step of analysis you do for a client. Because the data input is more focused, there will be times when you need to gather additional documents or even use other tools for additional analysis. Yet, these efforts are now reserved for situations of genuine necessity, resulting in substantial time savings over the long run.

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