Onboarding Clients

Part of onboarding includes introducing Elements to your clients, setting the right expectations with them, and guiding them through getting started with the app. The resources below should help you as you get started with clients.

How do I introduce Elements to clients?

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What should you say to a client when introducing Elements for the first time? Jordan shows you some principles for the first-time introduction

When is onboarding complete?

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Your onboarding objective is to get just enough information to engage your client in a meaningful conversation about their financial health. This means that the “completeness” of your clients’ profiles will vary depending on their situation. This video will help you understand when you have enough information.

Tips for better client onboarding

Use these resources:

Easy Invite Links

Guide: Easy Invite Links

This guide will show you how the easy invite links feature works

Easy Invite Links Guide

Click the button below to access the guide on how to use the easy invites link feature.
Click Here

*Easy Invite Links

Easy invite links help you quickly capture prospects (or clients) in Elements using a white labeled and customized lead capture form. This page shows you how that works

Remember these things:

Remember that the higher your level of involvement with the client initially the more likely they will be engaged with Elements.

Let the client know exactly what they should do and when they should do it by, then stick with the timeline you’ve set with them. If you don’t provide a timeframe to your clients, the likelihood of Elements falling by the wayside will increase.

Let your clients know that while account linking is a convenient technology it sometimes doesn’t work as expected, and that’s OKAY. As you learn more about Elements and how to engage clients you’ll find th

  • It’s okay if they can’t connect accounts initially – initially adding values manually is good enough even if the value isn’t precise.
  • It’s okay if the accounts they connect get disconnected at some point – You’ll see that most financial jobs don’t require up-to-date values any more frequently than once every 90 days or so. Elements will  automatically prompt your clients to update values each quarter ensuring that the data stays up-to-date.