A Better Way to Answer Your Clients’ #1 Question

Does real advice require a Monte Carlo simulation? Or can you get to the heart of your clients’ questions with a simpler explanation of their financial progress? This episode of Elementality offers a straightforward and client-friendly approach to answering the question: “Am I on the right track?”

Our discussion about the most important indicators of financial health begins with the mother of all Elements®, Total Term (Tt). When a client asks, “Am I on the right track?” your job is to have an informed answer—and an accurately calculated Tt score can give you the foundation for a productive conversation.

In this episode of Elementality, Reese Harper and Ryan Isaac explain how Tt objectively measures progress toward financial independence and the rate at which someone’s Tt score should grow throughout a typical career. This is the brass tacks approach to measuring your clients’ financial progress without having to run a bunch of Monte Carlo simulations.

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