Say it with style

Say It With Style (and Purpose) With Katherine Eitel Belt

Are you really communicating with clients, team members, and colleagues? Or are you just talking them through MoneyGuidePro graphs, Asana diagrams, and sleek Powerpoints?

These tools are a great help in illustrating a complicated concept. But when it comes to truly connecting with people, there’s no substitute for a clear message delivered with confidence and conviction. And that doesn’t happen by accident.

True, some people make effective communication seem almost effortless. But contrary to popular belief, it is a trainable skill. And those who invest in mastering it find the effort pays big career dividends.

On Elementality this week, Reese Harper catches up with his favorite communications coach, Katherine Eitel Belt. Known as The Unscripted Communication Expert, Katherine is the founder of LionSpeak, which specializes in helping business leaders learn to speak with greater ease, clarity, and authenticity.

She and Reese kick off the episode with a discussion of mistakes people often make when trying to communicate, and hints for overcoming them. Then they dive deep on Katherine’s foolproof formula for shaping the substance of a talk. For the icing on the cake, they talk about how to make sure your delivery is as powerful as the message you are conveying.

This episode is chockfull of practical takeaways you can apply immediately to become a better communicator, whether you’re speaking to an audience of one or a thousand. You won’t want to miss it!

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